Crazy Richards and Krema 100% Natural Peanut Butter – Review

April 2, 2011



If you read my earlier post, then you know April 2nd it National Peanut Butter and Jelly day. What kind of peanut butter does your family like? Is it 100% Natural and made from only peanuts? Go ahead, check the label. Oh, I see! There is all sorts of stuff in there. Let me introduce you to 100% all natural peanut butter. Crazy Richards and Krema are made from peanuts and only peanuts. No added salt, sugar or hydrogenated oils.

Just peanuts pure and simple! Krema has been making peanut butter for over 100 years. The taste and quality keeps customers coming back. A fact I found out is Krema Peanut Butter Company is one of the oldest peanut butter companies in the United States today! Wow that says a lot about loyalty.

How good is Krema and Crazy Richards peanut butter? I had the chance to sample the all natural peanut butter. Krema was so kind to send a sampler pack of their fantastic peanut butters. What makes Krema so good is the special dry roasting process and unique fine grinding for a superb natural peanut butter. You will see separation in a natural peanut butter because it is not stabilized with additives. Stirring is necessary to get your peanut butter to spreading consistency. Some tips for stirring are provided on the website. Following the butter knife stirring instructions, in a few minutes stir time I was ready to sample Krema and Crazy Richards. I am amazed at how creamy the smooth peanut butter is. I had to glance at the label again. Yep is says ingredients – peanuts. That is it! The smooth peanut butter is chock full of rich bold peanut taste. It doesn’t need any added anything! The peanut taste is pure deliciousness! The peanut butter is made from the finest peanuts from Georgia. They are the best tasting peanuts available and only the best goes into Krema and Crazy Richards.

The Chunky style peanut butter… wait I need another taste. Love it! I have always been a chunky peanut butter person since I was little. I like to have the crunch in my sandwich. The Crazy Richards peanut butter has the perfect amount of peanut pieces. I was getting crunchy peanuts in each bite. Again the ingredients on the label – peanuts. Once you try Krema or Crazy Richards Natural 100% Peanuts peanut butter, none of the store brands will seem as good. Pure peanuts, pure taste.

Where can you find Krema and Crazy Richards Peanut Butter? They are mostly sold on the East coast and Midwest. I am out of luck here on the West coast. But it be can ordered directly online in case pack quantities. That is okay I can share with friends and family. Krema also produces Natural Almond butter and Natural Cashew Butter. I bet those are really tasty too! You will also find gift baskets filled with peanut lovers treats for great gift giving.

Got a sweet tooth? Take a glance at the delectable sweets from The Sisters Sweet Shoppe. They are part of the Krema company family. Fruitcakes, dessert cakes, and lots of holiday goodies made the old fashioned way. Be prepared to drool over the sweets! They have Chocolate Fruit Cake – Oh please send me a slice.

Many thanks to Krema Peanut Butter for providing the review product.

Disclosure: I received gratis product(s) for the purpose of this review. No monetary compensation was offered or accepted for this post. The opinions above are my own. Others experience may vary.

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