Virginia Traditions: Edwards Ham – Review

June 17, 2011


I remember certain foods from my childhood. One of the meats we would have frequently is ham. My dad always loved eating ham. A good ham made in the Southern tradition, can melt in your mouth with full flavor. I think I must have Southern roots somewhere as I enjoy most all southern foods. Here is my delectable review for Edwards Ham from Virginia Traditions.

The tradition of preparing ham has been carried down from the settlers of Jamestown. Salting then smoking preserved the meat while enhancing the flavor. Since 1926, when S Wallace Edwards began selling ham sandwiches to his ferry passengers made from cured ham in his family farm.  Following the traditional curing methods, Edwards began his full time ham curing and distribution. Today the family still owns S.Wallace Edwards & Sons making the delicious hams and much more.

Edwards showed their Southern hospitality with a lovely variety of products for my review. The first selection is the Smoked Perfection Collection. This delicious assortment includes Sliced Bacon, Sliced Virginia Ham and Smoked Sausage Links. 4 and 1/4 pounds total of the finest hickory smoked meats. Starting with the very generous size Virginia Country Ham Slices – The slices are almost bigger than the plate. They are sliced and ready to serve. The ham is boneless and sliced thin. We were enjoying it right out of the package before we made any sandwiches with it. The flavor is everything a ham should be. A bit salty with a touch of smoky flavor throughout! My hubby enjoyed the ham with his morning breakfast and I caught him munching more during the day. I chopped a bit of it up to add to salads. It made the best chefs salad ever!


I really enjoyed the country style Sliced Virginia Bacon. Edwards has won blue ribbons at the Virginia State Fair with this bacon. It cooks up beautifully. The dry cured bacon is hickory smoked. The slices stayed a generous size while cooking. The mouthwatering strips of bacon were very inviting in the pan. I had a very anxious hubby standing over me waiting for the cooking to be done. He came into the kitchen letting me know it smelled so good! Soon we were in bacon bliss. I loved the salt amount on this bacon. Hubby thought it was a bit salty at first but he sure ate enough of it. The plate was empty in no time.

Our favorite of the assortment was the Smoked Sausage Links. These beauties are made with pure pork! They are encased in flavor enhanced natural casing without any fillers. I made them in the steam method per the package. Simmered in a covered frying pan with 1/8 cup water for 10 minutes. Continue cooking until the water is evaporated and the sausages are browned. I liked the ease of cooking. The package of sausage links is a full 2 pounds. With this much sausage I invited my Father-in-Law for dinner. The sausage was a big hit! He really enjoyed the flavor. So much so I sent him home with some for later.  These meaty morsels pleased my meat lovers. We had plenty left over for brunch the next day. I have requests to order more sausages for both our households.


I am loving the additional sample of Surryano Ham Slices. This super thin dry cured ham is made from Berkshire pork aged for more than 400 days. Let the slices come to room temperature for the best flavor. We enjoyed the almost jerky like texture. I wrapped some slices around melon for the classic salty sweet flavor combination. We also made cheese and cracker appetizers with the Surryano ham. Delicious.

To purchase: Browse the tempting mouth watering selections at Virginia Traditions. There is a delectable assortment of meats, seafood, desserts and much more. Satisfy your Southern Cuisine cravings. Take a glance at the Online Specials for more savings. Looking for a special gift, consider getting Gift Certificates. Virginia Traditions is a year round, all occasion gift. Get the very best!

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