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September 5, 2011

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I was treated to a night of entertainment with SoCal Blog Crush last week. We were invited to the fabulous UltraLuxe Cinema in Anaheim. Boy was it Ultra plush! I love going to the movies and UltraLuxe Anaheim offers 14 auditoriums. UltraStar Cinemas is all about the movie going experience! The movie could be a so-so movie, but UltraStar wants your experience to be first class!

The UltraLuxe in Anaheim is near the heart of the entertainment on West Katella Avenue. It is located in the GardenWalk Shopping Center. They do have a parking structure with parking fees, but if you are attending the UltraLuxe Cinema, you can have the parking validated at no cost! Bring your ticket with you and remember to have it validated. The UltraLuxe Cinema is on the 4th floor of the structure making it super easy to get to the theater!

The lobby is very inviting as are all the lovely smiling friendly staff members. Everyone was extremely helpful and happy to be there. I felt like royalty being pampered from start to finish!

The amenities at UltraLuxe Anaheim sets the bar high for an upscale theater experience at family friendly budget pricing. At UltraLuxe Anaheim you will find the UltraMAXimum giant screen experience, Cinema Cafe, LuxeLounge, and StarClass Auditoriums for age 21 and over guests. UltraStar provides special days for parents, kids and summer series. Look for additional viewings of Operas and concerts.

Our group of bloggers was treated to a evening of UltraStar services. We learned the UltraLuxe Anaheim is a Pure Digital Cinema. All the movies and entertainment is presented in digital format. No fuzzy needing to focus, junk on the film things that float on the screen or worst yet a film breakage. The Pure Digital Cinema looks as good the first time as it does the 50th time of viewing. You really can see a difference in the picture quality. I loved the comfortable auditoriums. Each seat is staggered in stadium seating deluxe high back recliner chairs. No worries about someone tall sitting in front of you. Every seat is a good seat!


For adult guests 21+ have a special date night in the Star Class auditoriums with extended menu options and in seat ordering. Before the movie begins, stop by the LuxeLounge. They often have bands playing and our special night featured Joshua Paige. Thanks for the great country music Joshua!  I had a scrumptious Panini and salad from the Cinema Café. The George Clooney turkey Panini is not your typical movie food and it was so good! The popcorn selection includes regular, caramel, kettle and a delightful cheese corn which we had the chance to sample. Delicious!


The star of the evening was experiencing the amazing D-BOX enhanced motion chair technology. D-BOX technology uses motion codes programmed in selected films to enhance the action on the screen. The motion is sync to make the movie a truly immersive experience. We watched a bit of The Polar Express  with the runaway train sequence and boy were we part of it. The seats were moving with each turn, slide, up and down of the action. Now it is not as vigorous as a motion simulator ride, but it does add to being part of the movie. The D-BOX seats are offered for only certain movies and they sell out fast! There are only a few D-BOX seats available. I can’t wait to watch a full movie in D-BOX. I signed up for the newsletter so I can hear about the advance ticket sales for D-BOX movies. There is an additional charge for D-BOX seating as well as the Star Class services.

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With the fantastic amenities at UltraLuxe Anaheim and the other UltraStar Cinemas in California and Arizona, going to the movies is the entertainment event that movies were created for! Hollywood is rejoicing!


Many thanks to SoCal Blog Crush and UltraLuxe for providing the evening of entertainment.

Disclosure: No monetary compensation was offered or accepted for this post. Gratis services were received in order to write my honest review. The opinions above are my own and were not influenced in any way. Others experience may vary. Terms of Use.



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