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June 2, 2013

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In my personal quest to be in better health, I am finding myself drawn to natural products. I have been really reading the ingredients in foods and becoming more aware of all the chemicals in our personal care products. Kinda scary! I can’t even say most of the ingredients you will find in the average shampoo bottle. Seriously is that even good for our skin?Elk River

Soaps are a big issue in a couple of ways in my household. Sensitive skin makes using different soaps an itchy disaster. I have broken out in rashes too many times to count whenever I switch soaps. I have found the less ingredients the better.

Elk River Soap Company is a real joy. This family owned company, located in the gorgeous Ozark Mountains, believes in natural non-toxic body care products. The high quality products are handmade in small batches using only vegetable and nut oils and butters, essential oils, high quality scents, and botanicals. Living in the Ozarks – who wouldn’t want to keep nature in everything you do.

Elk River Soap Company graciously sent me a few of their body care creations. I must say when I opened the box, my nose was pelted with the most invigorating scent! The aroma came from the handcrafted soap Energy. Oh my goodness – I can see why they call it Energy. The scent is so uplifting. I love anything citrus based and Energy combines several citrus scents with cucumber and jasmine plus a bit extra. It is a best seller! I love the way it smells plus it really feels clean on my skin. I had a pep in my step after my morning shower.


A lighter but very pleasing soap is the Banana Coconut Soap. It has a delicate scent of fresh bananas. I don’t smell too much coconut but the aroma is fabulous! A real treat for the eyes as well as the nose, is the new Neapolitan. The classic favorite scents of the old fashioned flavor make it a sweet treat for the bath! I love the chocolate aroma! What I really love about the Elk River Company Soap is the generous size of the bar. Each bar is a nice slice about the size of the average store bought bar. They are a great value at $4.99 per bar. There are more the 30 soap scents to choose from. I am sure they are constantly working on new scents all the time.

There is more the Elk River than just soaps – they have lotions and a nice gift section. The Lime and Coconut Hand & Body Crème is a luscious delight! I love the lime scent plus it makes my skin so soft! Paraben FREE, and Gluten FREE too! This lotion has become my favorite!  A really fun product is the Bubble Bath Bar! Crumble just a little of the bar in running bath water for loads of bubbles! The bar will make 4 sudsy baths! Kids will love it – I had fun with it too! The fragrance of my bubble bath was Peaches & Cream. A pure soaking experience!

bubblebath bars-460x380

Elk River Soap Company wants you to experience their handmade body products. Here is a discount code for you – Use ONE2TRY (all Caps) for a 15% off Discount!!  Order directly online today. I plan on getting more! I already placed an order!

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Many thanks to Elk River Soap Company for providing the review product.

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