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July 15, 2013

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The hot weather really makes me not want to cook. I sure get tired of eating salads and a cold sandwich. It sure is not healthy using fast food drive thru’s either. How about something quick, Asian inspired and tasty? Introducing Crazy Cuisine!

crazy-cuizine-largeI bought a Crazy Cuisine meal not too long ago at my local Costco membership warehouse. I remember getting the Tangerine Beef. My hubby loves anything made with beef over chicken so we gave it a try. We really liked the flavor and it sure made a lot. When I was asked to try the other meals, of course I said – go ahead and make me crazy…Crazy Cuisine that is!

Crazy Cuisine comes in 7 different varieties. I found it at Costco and my local Albertsons also carried the meals. I decided to try the Teriyaki Chicken, the General Tso’s Chicken and the Korean BBQ Chicken. I really wanted to taste the pot stickers but my Albertsons store did not carry them. I will have to look again at Costco, maybe they stock them.

My first impression is just how easy it is to prepare Crazy Cuisine. In the box are two pouches, one contains the chicken or beef chunks  and the second pouch is the sauce. A few minutes in the microwave, until the fully cooked protein is heated is all it takes. Then microwave the sauce for just a minute, pour it over the chicken to combine. A few stirs to mix, then enjoy!


I made the Teriyaki Chicken and the Korean Chicken over this past weekend. All I needed to add was some rice and a salad for an amazing meal! I really enjoyed the flavor of the Teriyaki Chicken. It was a bit sweet like teriyaki should be. My hubby usually does not like anything sweet but he could not get enough of the delicious sauce.


The Korean BBQ Chicken was quite a bit spicy! It was a tangy zinger treat. I am a wimp when it comes to spice so this was a bit much for me. I did nibble a piece or two before the heat was too much. Anyone who loves meals with a punch will love this flavor. Hubby thought it was great! He can do spicy foods. We still have the General Tso’s Chicken in the freezer for another in a moment meal! I plan on getting a couple more Crazy Cuisine Meals to have on hand.

Look for Day-Lee Foods Crazy Cuisine nationwide at Costco and BJ’s Clubs. There are in stores throughout California and the Pacific Northwest.

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