Davidson’s Organics and Missouri Star Quilt Co. Picnic

September 27, 2013

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I have been super busy this past summer. It seems I always had somewhere to go or something that needed to be done. As hectic as everything was, I hardly had time to relax.



Davidson’s Organics made it easy for me to enjoy an Ultimate Picnic moment. I enjoyed sharing a moment of my day with a picnic for one. Just me – sitting down in my own backyard sipping a scrumptious glass of brewed iced tea. Davidson’s Organics is a one stop online shop for everything tea! They have been in business for 37 years. They have always been current with the latest tea offerings to bring the finest blends to your home. Each tea is certified organic!

I had the chance to sip a few very flavorful brewed iced tea blends. It made my “picnic” a special moment to unwind.

Lemon Ginseng Green – a very refreshing lemon zing. Perfect for an afternoon slump.

White Raspberry – Fruity with a bit of spicy tones.

Herbal Cranberry Orange Ice – The tartness blends nice with the citrus. The flavor reminded me of fresh made orange cranberry sauce.

Tropical Ice – a bold black tea with amazing tropical fruit flavor. I could taste the mango and passion fruit. One of my favorites!

Lemon Spearmint – Herbal blend refreshing with just the right amount of mint.

Te De Hibiscus – I love this flavor. The bright reddish pink color is so pretty in the glass. The tartness is thirst quenching while the bit of cinnamon makes is pleasant.


The hardest part was choosing which flavor I wanted to make. Every one was scrumptious!

Davidson’s Organics is a world of tea. You can purchase all the above teas plus tea bags, loose leaf teas, gifts and much more. Look for the specials and the tea of the month for great savings on a tea that is One 2 Try!

Making my Ultimate picnic special was the inclusion of beautiful fabrics from Missouri Star Quilt Co. The Fat 8 bundle came in lovely blues and greens. I have not quilted in years and I am sure my sewing machine needs a good dusting off, but these colors are so pretty I want to make a table decoration. Taking time to quilt let me relax too. Great idea!


If you are a quilter – check out the incredible selection at Missouri Star Quilt Co. They also offer a Quilter’s Daily Deal with deep discounts. My favorite part of quilting and sewing was choosing all the material and making the colors match. Missouri Star Quilt Co. understands the love behind each quilt. They offer a forum and tutorials with lots of information.  I am not sure what I am going to make yet and they probably have an idea for me.

Taking a moment for a mini picnic was a lot of fun.

Many thanks to Davidson’s Organics and Missouri Star Quilt Co. for providing the review product.

Disclosure: No monetary compensation was offered or accepted for this post. Gratis product was received in order to write my honest review. The opinions above are my own and were not influenced in any way. Others experience may vary. Terms of Use.



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