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October 19, 2014

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I get so bored with my phone. Not the phone but the case. I like to change things up every now and then. It can be hard finding the exact style of case. Now I can print my own skin designs with the help of Neato Skins.

Neato Skins work with by creating your designs online that you can print at home. The Neato Skins Kit comes with a practice print template, 5 blank Skins, a clear phone case, instructions and the code you need to create your design online. Neato Skins Kits are available for several devices including Samsung Galaxy S3, S4 and S5 plus Apple iPhone 4/4s, 5c and 5/5s. The starter kit comes at a reasonable price of $19.95 which is much less expensive than some cases! If you really enjoy creating the designs, they offer refill packs for just $14.95.


On to creating. I chose a few photos and poster graphics for my first set of skins. Using the online design software was a little confusing at first ( I could not see where to upload an image) but once I played with it, I navigated through the designing steps in no time.

It takes 3 steps to make your device personalized with Neato Skins.

Create – Use photos and text in the online software

Print – Your printer will print your design creation on the removable self adhesive skin

Apply – Peel the skin and place it on your device then place it in the provided case.



I had a lot of fun creating my skins. I tried a bunch of different photos. I made two with all photo from edge to edge and one I made with a background color. There are lots of ways to design. Background colors, text, use your own photo and more. It is so unique! I know I will be ordering a refill kit because it was so much fun to do! Now I can change my device look whenever I want!

Out of my 3 designs I chose Dear Diamond….for now. That is the beauty of Neato Skins, I can change it or create a new one anytime! Brilliant! Think of the possibilities. You can make one for each holiday. Going to a special event like a concert? Make one with the band name or image. A special date? Happy Birthday or Anniversary or just as special day you want to remember. Moms will love having kids photos on their device. Make something funny! I like to have humorous pictures that make me smile each time.

Neato Skins Custom Device Labels are easy to use. I am so thrilled to have been introduced to Neato! Order yours today and make a statement with your own personal design. Your device will truly thank you.

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