June 24th is National Pralines Day

June 24, 2015

food and drink, National Day

I have a good friend who lives the Cajun way! She is always telling me about the great foods she is making. I hope someday she makes me a batch of the Southern confection Pralines. (hint hint)

I found a few recipes for Pralines and more to celebrate National Pralines Day.

Pecan Pralines at The Suburban Soap Box

Praline Walnuts at Winner Dinners

Chestnut Praline White Chocolate Brownies from Culinary Cool

Praline Rolls at Chattavore

Salted Pecan Praline Milkshake from I’m Not the Nanny

Nutella and Coconut Pralines at Cooking with Manuela

I wish I was headed to New Orleans just for a classic Southern Praline! It is on my bucket list.

Enjoy your day,

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