Anjolee: Truly is The Art of Jewelry

August 13, 2015

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Diamonds are a girls best friend! Actually chocolate cake and any jewelry would be my BFF! Why have any jewelry when you can have an elegant customized jewelry creation from the talented creators of Anjolee?

What do you prefer? Are you a necklace or a earring person? My favorite has always been pendant necklaces. The exquisite assortment of styles at Anjolee have just the beautiful piece that makes your heart jump! The sparkle will bring a twinkle to your eye and envy in others eyes.

SP968 white

When choosing a diamond pendant, Anjolee makes it a treat to browse. If you have a specific design in mind – say a princess cut stone pendant, a few clicks in their home page brings your choices to life. It is like a virtual treasure chest! Each of Anjolee styles can be customized by metal type, diamond size, diamond/gemstone quality, and length/size. Make your own unique statement piece! I have always envisioned myself wearing one of the celebrity award ceremony worthy statement necklaces. Anjolee offers a Triple Row Diamond Necklace sure to make you breathless. Someday, if only for a moment, I will be wearing such a necklace. A girl can dream!

SN899 White

Anjolee offers prices of their exquisite styles to fit every budget. Anjolee is one of the largest diamond jewelry manufacturer in the United States. Each jewelry piece is created by Anjolee which allows for their high quality and exceptional customer service!

anjolee pendant

Anjolee was so kind in offering a gemstone pendant in my choice of gemstones. I chose the Gemstone Focus Diamond Circle Pendant with a lovely amethyst surrounded by citrine stones. I love the color combination and these are my two favorite gems. Imagine the beauty in your pendant surrounded by real diamonds!

SP61 Gem white

Thank you Anjolee for sharing your brilliant and beautiful Art of Jewelry.

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Many thanks to Anjolee for providing the review product.

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