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October 17, 2016

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I like having large bags available. Green Earth Laundry Bags come in a 3 pack. These are very generous size bags!

Each bag measures 28″x36″. This can hold a lot of laundry! Maybe you have students in college that bring laundry home? With these generous oversize bags, they can hold all the dirty clothes.

I actually like these bags for storage. The size is large enough to store some winter blankets and other linens when not in use. The top is closed by a drawstring and a cord lock. The bags are made of high quality 100% cotton. They are machine washable! Another good idea is using these for holiday “Santa” sacks. A hard to wrap oversize present can be placed in one of these bags…add a ribbon and it is done! These would also be fantastic for painting designs on or customizing.

They are well sewn and durable. I like getting the 3 laundry bags in the pack, it makes them economical.


Green Earth Reusable Thermal Bag – This bag is huge! Inside is a fully lined thermal material. This bag is handy for keeping in the car for grocery shopping. It will hold a lot of frozen foods. It can also be used for hot foods for a picnic or family outing.

The bag has strong should straps and the bottom opens to make a stable base. The top closes with a zipper keeping the cold or hot temperature controlled. The sizing is generous! This is good for a picnic or a potluck dinner.

It looks nice too. The beige fabric is accented with a chocolate brown color piping, bottom panel and the straps.

The products from Green Earth are well made and built to last!

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