One2Try Review – Oak Leaf Essential Oil Diffuser

October 10, 2016

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I adore filling my home with fragrance. Since discovering oil diffusers, I have many types and sizes. This beautiful Oak Leaf Oil Diffuser is a compact size with a very pleasing shape.

The shape looks like a donut. The smooth round squatty diffuser is a dark wood coloring which matches just about any décor. The size is small making it ideal for a desk, nightstand or any smaller room. I like having this in my home office. It is simple to fill and get operating.

The lid comes off the top for filling with water and any desired essential oil. A few drops of oil is all it takes to fill the air with fragrance. Depending on the situation, whether my sinuses are acting up, or I need something calming, determines the oil I will use. One of my favorite oils is anything in the citrus range. I have a sweet orange oil that is amazing! Placing a few drops of my sweet orange oil in this diffuser, with the max water level filled, close the lid then start the unit.

This diffuser has two modes, a continuous and an intermittent. The intermittent will diffuse for 3 minutes then stop for a minute before repeating the cycle. During either mode, if the water runs low, it will auto shut off the device. The liquid amount it not that much so it will use it up fast in either mode.

There is an added color effect. Seven colors cycle through when operating or they can be left off.

I like this small diffuser for its very pretty looks and the super quiet operation. I have had others that dispense more mist, but this one is ideal for smaller spaces. The mist action is good. It is mesmerizing to watch the mist as it comes out of the middle opening.

I am very happy to have this high quality diffuser. It looks great no matter which room I place it in. It is simple to operate and quiet enough to use in a bedroom. Sure smells good!

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