One2Try Review – White Opal Black Ring

October 14, 2016

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Oohhhh Spooky! This black opal ring is just what I need for Halloween. It looks particularly bewitching. Of course it can be worn any time but having this for Halloween is a special treat.

The band is coated in a black gold finish. This looks amazing with the dazzling opal in the center. I like the additional swirl setting across the opal stone. On each side of the opal are smaller clear crystals. The setting is unique and eye catching.

The opal sparkles brilliantly. There is a lot of iridescent flakes inside. I like how they shaped the opal, as a cat eye cut. It looks well balanced with the round crystals. The swirl setting is securely holding the stones in place.

The black coating is super shiny with a gold tint to the deep black color. I hope the finish lasts. It looks durable. I am sure this is not a real opal and the crystals are cubic zirconia. For being a costume piece of jewelry, this is a lovely ring.

The colors are unique. The style is fashionable. This ring is certainly fun to wear.

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