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I am featured on Murray Newlands Marketing Blog!

March 26, 2010


I am so excited to be interviewed on Murray Newlands Marketing Blog! Come take a moment and read my full interview about One 2 Try.

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Tips for Entering Blog Giveaways.

December 31, 2009

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I have been meaning to write these tips for some time now. As we go into a New Year, I share with you this information to help you be successful in mine and other blog giveaways you enter. Happy Entering!

How to understand and enter Blog Giveaways:

You may have noticed the increase in the amount of Blog Giveaways to coincide with reviews. The purpose of the giveaway is to increase awareness of the sponsors product, to increase the traffic to their websites as well as introduce you to a blog. If you like the sponsors product, please support them. Make a purchase! The sponsors are very generous and with added support they will continue to provide the great items.

Every day there are even more blog contests. You can find small prizes like delicious food items or gift cards to larger prizes like computers, coffee makers, and more. Prizes all vary depending on the blog and what the sponsor is offering. The length of the blog giveaways varies too depending on the blog and the prize. Most of my giveaways run an average of 10 days. Sometimes shorter or longer, be sure to read the ending date.

Here are some guidelines to help you navigate what is being asked to enter the giveaway and how to gain the most entries.

First is the Mandatory entry. Usually all blog entries are left as comments. This first entry is required before any of the optional extra entries will be considered valid. It may require visiting a sponsor site or answering a question. READ the Mandatory First Entry rules carefully. If you do not follow what is asked your entry can be subject to deletion.

*** Tip for Internet Explorer users. If you are required to visit a sponsor site you can right click on the link and choose “open in a new window” on the drop down menu for ease of remaining on the original blog.

Be sure to find the correct Comment section as on different blogs the location sometimes has to be searched for. It usually says Comments. By clicking on comments, it opens the comment form. The comment form is simple to fill out and you can use different ID’s as log ins. You may also see a word required to enter for you comment to be accepted. Many blogs have the comments moderated which means they will be reviewed before they are actually posted.

“IMPORTANT” If you have signed up for a Blogger Account, Make sure you edit your profile, and enter in your email address there AND MAKE IT PUBLIC. This way, you will not have to enter email address each time, and also this will HIDE Your email address from “Spam Bots”. I can not stress enough that your email be visible in your profile. I have had to re-choose many winners because there is no email address to contact them about their win. If you are taking the time to enter you must really want the prize, so why not make sure you can be contacted if you win! In your Blogger Profile there is a setting to make your email public. You can always create an email account just for your entering purposes.

By following the mandatory first entry entry rules – you are now entered for one entry in the giveaway. This is all that is Required. If you really want the prize, you may have more optional entries for more chances. It is up to you if you care to do extra entries. Some can be pretty simple and worth the extra chance if the prize is something you really want.

It can be confusing all the terms bloggers use: Tweet, twitter, blog, button, Facebook, Follow, Subscribe etc. There are many ways to get extra entries. You can do all of them or just one. Whichever method you choose, but each one is usually an extra entry. Extra Entries help the blog and the sponsor.

SUBSCRIBE to the blog feed by RSS or email. Sure I would like you to become a loyal member of my blog. I enjoy all my readers and hope you keep coming back. To make it easier to stay in touch I offer a subscription to my blog direct to your email. Just sign up with your email address and confirm the subscription. This is a common practice among many blogs. You get a once a day email with a listing of new posts. You will never miss a good giveaway again!

You can help both the blog and the sponsor by spreading the word about the giveaway on your social media outlets.

TWITTER: Twitter is my favorite. They are called Tweets. Bloggers ask you to follow them on Twitter, either way, you need a Twitter Account. Twitter is Free! It is easy to set up and pretty easy to get the hang of. Twitter is information in short 140 character blurbs. On Twitter you get updates from various blogs, websites, people, friends, etc. When you send out a message it is called a “TWEET”. So sometimes blogs will want you to follow them on twitter and tweet the giveaway.

To Tweet: The blogger will usually ask you to tweet the giveaway. Copy the address of the blog contest and spread the word about it in a tweet. That way others can come and enter too! Some blogs may even provide a message to tweet. All you do is copy and paste the message into your Twitter, and click update. A new and popular method is a Daily Tweet. You can tweet about the giveaway once daily and come back to the giveaway to add a comment about your daily tweet.

After you tweeted, look at your Tweets. See the time stamp under your tweet (example: half a minute ago from the web) found directly under your tweet. Click on the time stamp and it opens the tweet status which will give you the exact URL Address of your tweet, Copy it. (If anyone needs help with the copy and paste function, you may find out how to do it by searching google or your operating system help sections.) Return to the giveaway on the Blog, and mention in a comment you have tweeted, with the address by pasting the address in the contest blog.

FACEBOOK FAN OR GROUP: If you have a Facebook account some blogs may ask you to fan them on Facebook. Some sponsors may offer you to Fan on Facebook too. Facebook is free. It is easy to create an account. Most bloggers will tell you to click a link to Facebook. So once you have facebook, and are currently logged into facebook, simply click the link, and then you have an extra entry. Make sure you leave a comment that you have become a fan.

FOLLOW this blog. Become a follower of the blog by signing up on Google Friend Connect. With a simple addition of your google id you can become a follower. A google id or blog is required for this method.

BLOG about the giveaway – Write a quick post on your own blog and include a link back to the original blog hosting the giveaway. You may be asked to include a link back to the sponsor as well. READ the requirements carefully. Sometimes the blog offers multiple entries if you blog about the giveaway. Leave the correct amount of entries mentioned as comments for your full chances. If you do not have a blog consider starting one. Blogger is free and you can have one created in a few minutes. You can use it for giveaways or get really involved and become a review blogger too with a lot of work of course.

POST A BUTTON on your blog – Copy the code for the bloggers button and post it in your sidebar of your blog. Again a blog is needed for this entry method.

Use your browser to help you in the blog giveaway world. You can use many windows, one for the blog, one for the sponsor, one for twitter, etc. Use your system functions of copy and paste, open in a new window, etc. If you enter a lot of blog giveaways you understand the importance of efficiency and multi-tasking.

Is is all worth it? If you think about the amount of entries you can get by doing all the methods available.. your odds go way up. When you see the average amount of comments and you get maybe 8 to ten entries or more by doing all the entries… I say your odds are pretty good. Some blog giveaways offer more than one prize too. Even better odds. I have seen very awesome prizes out there to be won. Remember… these prizes are offered by the sponsor to increase their visibility in the market. If you like the product… buy it. More support to the sponsors means more giveaways in the future.

If you have a tip you feel would benefit others, please share it as a comment to this post.

Now get out there and enter. Happy Winning!

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I always feel like somebody’s watching me.

October 6, 2009


Did you know that as a blogger I could become a criminal? The FTC is watching us bloggers. Are we a threat to society? A new ruling from the FTC dated yesterday requires bloggers to disclose how they received a product they are reviewing and if they were compensated in any monetary way to write the review. Starting December 1st violators can be charged heavy fines for each post. I have always been straight forward about receiving my products and samples for review. I have always mentioned at the bottom of each post who provided the samples and giveaway item as well. I have not ever taken any cash amount to provide a review. I do not charge for my reviews. I do not get paid to voice my own opinions on my blog. I do not have paying ads on my blog. As a matter of fact I spend money out of my own pocket quite often for shipping items to the winners. My “payment” for my services is the products I receive. Yes I do get a lot of products that I keep or use and even share with my family. In return I share the information with you. It takes a lot of time to create my blog posts. From research to contacting companies, countless emails and then the actual writing. Followed by the running of the giveaway, the contacting of the winner(s), countless emails again and occasional shipping of prizes. My little blog niche is more than a 40 hours a week job. Why do I do it? I love it! I enjoy trying, finding and featuring new products as a word of mouth, you have to try this, post. I like providing giveaways for my readers to allow them the chance to try the products themselves. Besides it is fun to win something good. I myself enter on other blogs too.

Apparently the FTC is targeting the really big bloggers that get cash, laptops, vacations etc. I think I might be safe with the few candy items, some cookies and the wonderful other products I write about. I will always let you know where my stuff comes from. You are free to read my opinions to make your own decisions on trying the items. For further information about my disclosure policy there is a I Disclose button on the left side bar. For those companies wanting to offer me a laptop, vacation, new washer and dryer, I will gladly accept them but I have to tell everyone who gave it to me. Any takers?

Disclosure: The above expressed opinions are strictly my own. Rita – Owner/ Writer of One 2 Try.

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Try it. You may like it!

January 24, 2009

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My goal with this blog is to have fun trying new things. It may be a new place to go or a new gadget. I might list a recipe or two. I might read a new author or book series. I will list some of the coolest sweepstakes to enter and try to win. I will give reviews of products I have tried. There is so much out there to try. My goal is one new thing everyday. You have to try it to see if you like it.

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PR Info

January 1, 2009

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Please contact me by email: one2tryblog@hotmail.com

One 2 Try is PR friendly. I enjoy working with companies and bloggers alike. My current following consists of  3170+ Blog Followers, 3300+ Blog Subscribers, 1900+ Facebook and Network Blog Readers, and 2600+ Twitter Followers. I continue to grow in readership, on a daily basis.

I am Rita, and this is my blog, One 2 Try. I have been on Blogger since November 2007. I started writing this blog in January 2009. I began with writing about recipes, things I like, and other interesting items I found on the web. I have found my true blog direction in food and beverage reviews, kitchen topics and recipes, expanding into giveaways as well. My product line has increased to include home and personal products.

I am a married stay at home wife. I love to have fun and laugh with frequent visits to Disneyland. I have a cute sense of humor that I try to incorporate in my writing.

From a PR standpoint, I feel I am easy to work with. I enjoy blogging and trying new products. I have been increasing my blog stats daily (available upon request). I treasure the relationships I have formed in the blogger community. I appreciate the PR acquaintances I have had the experience to work with as well. I hope to expand my PR relationships and create long term contacts.

I can provide the latest Stats upon request.

To purchase advertising at One 2 Try, please contact me at one2tryblog@hotmail.com for rate information.

It is a pleasure for me to provide my opinions on food, cooking, kitchen and home products. I offer thorough and honest reviews. I am always looking for new and innovative products to review.

I welcome all kinds of products with a main focus on:

–Food and drink products
–Products for cooking including small and large appliances, cooking and baking products, organizational tools, cleaning products, etc.
–Anything related to kitchen décor, candles, etc.
–Cookbooks or food related books, DVD’s and related media.
–Body Care products based on natural ingredients.

If you would like me to review your product, I will respond as soon as possible with an address to send your product samples. I do not charge any fees for providing reviews. I do require a sample for all reviews. The sample will not be returned, and you will be responsible for any shipping costs involved. I prefer direct shipping from your company of all prizes to the winner(s) of any giveaways, if at all possible.

Myself and my family will personally sample or use your product. I will write a detailed blog post about the product and our experience with it. The post will include links to your website, product and purchasing information and photos (if available) of the product. I will provide a link to the post to you by email.

I only accept products that are appropriate for my family, my blog and my readers.

Offering a giveaway of your product increases reader interest. It also increases visibility on other social media sites such as twitter through my many blog followers. A giveaway is always an option, as a marketing tool, I encourage you to consider offering a giveaway in conjunction with the review.

I am always looking for sponsors who would like to feature their business and products by sponsoring a giveaway of their choice of one or more of their items.

–Giveaways will run for a period of 1 to 2 weeks.

–Each giveaway will be featured in its own exclusive post.

–Gift Certificates are acceptable. Please make it a generous amount enough to cover an item cost plus shipping.

–My giveaways usually require my readers to visit your website in order to enter.

–I will provide the winner’s shipping information to you upon completion of the giveaway for direct shipping from your company. Please ship prize(s) within 3 weeks after the close of the giveaway.

–Giveaways will be open to all Continental US residents.

–Winners are chosen by “and the winner is” plugin from all eligible entries.

–Giveaway terms are subject to change in regards to certain requirements put forth from the sponsor.

I look forward to working with you! Thank you for considering my blog for your products.


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