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The Color Run – Colorific Fun! #Happiest5k

July 1, 2013

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This past Saturday I participated in the most fun 5K event ever! The Color Run. It was a total blast! From the crazy outrageous participants to the even crazier hosts – The Color Run was one of the best things I have done this year!the_color_run_logoRoll

It was a bit of a struggle due to the super high heat wave we are having in the West. The temperature was expected to be near 100 at the race event. It was a good thing the races were earlier in the morning. The Color Run adapted by adding water elements….aahhhhh.


My day started by wearing all white as did everyone else. Wearing white is a must so you can get colorfied by the end of the 5K. The starting line was filled with all types of people. Young, old, non athletes, super pumped athletes, kids in strollers and lots of newbies. My group was the 8:30 AM group, and off we went. The route had us traveling through the inside of the Pomona Fairgrounds. That was pretty cool. We went through the midway and then through the animal barns, finishing up on the horse racing track. The finish line was the center of the horse track. That is where the color party really happened!


The fun of the color run is getting colored at each 1k. Because of the excess heat, the organizers added elements of water to the color. The first color was WET orange. I was doused with a bright orange jet stream. Beautiful! Moving on down the course, came pink, yellow and glorious blue. The blue crew….they had it going on! There was a blue cloud hovering over the stable area. They really knew how to dose with color. I looked like a bright blueberry! A big thumbs up to the Blue!

I had no trouble walking the 5k and I did it rather quickly. I always walk fast anyway. I told my hubby, who was waiting at various segments, if I had known how fun it was getting colored, I would have walked a little slower so I could experience more fun. I was ready to walk the course a second time!

The Color Run is more than a sporting event. During the race staging, the excitement started with a Zumba instructor really getting the runners warmed up. Boy could she move those hips. The emcee’s were tossing out lots of swag to the crowd. There were frisbees flying everywhere, plus socks, headbands, fanny packs and more. Bummer I did not catch anything, oh well. It really had the crowd pumped up and ready to go.

Yes it gives you a workout but even the slowest walker can participate. Most everyone was walking. The real fun is turning a kaleidoscope of colors by the end of the race. The party was at the finish line. Everyone gathered at the center stage for some pounding music and color throwing amazement. Each participant was provided with a color packet. A count down at the stage then everyone tossed the color into the air. OMG it was the most beautiful color cloud ever! I was in the middle of the color with the biggest smile on my face – although it was hard to see with all the blue covering me. Gotta love those blue sprayers!

When it was all done, I was covered in color and filled with pride that I had finished The Color Run. It was a goal of mine to participate and I did it! I would recommend to anyone to join the fun at your local Color Run. Even my hubby wants to participate in the next one. Families can walk or run together! Check the Color Run page for events coming to your area, there are many nationwide and new cities added all the time. Definitely take advantage of the early registration prices as it can get a little pricey if you wait. You do get a race packet including a tshirt, headband and your pack of color. Even picking up the race packet is a little party. Overall the entire experience was pure colorific fun!


I will be back for next years events in my area. I can’t wait.

Watch the Color Run page for upcoming events. Get out there and walk or run! Enjoy the Color Run Fun!

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Thank you to all The Color Run administrators. Everyone I met was very friendly and helpful. You certainly are the happiest! I would love to be a Color Run Ambassador!

Many thanks to The Color Run for providing the registration.

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