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Let There Be Light! OxyLED Dimmable Desk Lamp

November 25, 2014

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I recently visited a very nice hotel with beautiful room décor. I fell in love with a desk lamp. The desk lamp was a touch control LED lamp with a sleek design. I had to have one. I promptly searched the internet for that brand lamp and found the object of my desire.

Choke….my beloved lamp was more than $400! Deflated, I had to settle for my LED bulb clip on lamp. Alas the good folks at HisGadget must have known I was still searching for my lighting treasure.

Courtesy of HisGadget, they sent me an incredible LED desk lamp. The OxyLED T120 Dimmable Eye-Care LED Desk Lamp with Cool & Warm Color Light – Professional Reading Lamp is just what I was looking for and then some. This stylish lamp provides two color outputs to ease eye strain. I like the Touch controls for turning on the lamp. With a simple touch you can change your lamp color preference. Once you are in the color light you like, you can easily dim that color a few grades by pressing around the ring of the power button. The light holds steady without any flicker plus it fills my desk with a nice wide area of light! The stylish look fits my desk without taking too much room. I prefer the warm color most of the time.

Here is the light difference. Notice how much brighter the one of the left is. It has a bluish tint while the right has a warmer yellowish tint.


The OxyLED Desk Lamp will provide over 25,000 hours of full lumen output, a 10 year life span. It comes with a 3 year warranty. It saves money too because it uses very little watts.

Looking for a very useful gift for the Holidays? Consider getting someone an OxyLED T120 Dimmable Eye-Care LED Desk Lamp with Cool & Warm Color Light – Professional Reading Lamp. The price will astonish you. The list price is $149.99 but you can save 60% right now. The affordable price is just $59.99 on Amazon!  The lamp is just what any student, reader, desk hugger, would love to have.


I am thrilled with this lighting beauty! I can spend even more hours reading and at my computer now. (sorry, housework has to wait)


Many thanks to HisGadget for providing the review product.

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